Terms and Conditions
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We Will

  • Treat our members and visitors courteously and with respect at all times.
  • Offer tools to generate estimates for renewable energy systems.
    We are not offering financial advice or any guarantees of accuracy or actual returns.
  • Make every effort to make our calculations and estimation processes open to review and critical assessment.
    If you require more information on any of our calculations or processes, please contact us at information@rensmart.com
  • Endeavour to offer the best estimation tools possible.
  • Make our members information available for them to download and take elsewhere.
    We do not wish to tie our members to our services. If you can not find information we hold for you, please send us an email to information@rensmart.com and we will discuss how the information can be transferred.
  • Attempt to remove or stop all spam being posted on our site.
  • Suspend any member who breaches these terms and conditions indefinitely.
  • Treat member information in accordance with our privacy policy
  • Aim to offer a reliable service with technical backup within a reasonable period


  • Have any responsibility, legal or otherwise, for the quotes offered through the RenSMART quote request service.
  • Have any liability for interruptions to service or any losses arising there from.

You will

  • Treat all members and RenSMART staff courteously and with respect at all times.
  • Accept these terms and conditions as a prerequisite for using the RenSMART site and associated services

You will NOT

  • Attempt to market or sell products or services through the RenSMART site without the the express permission of RenSMART Limited.
  • Post illegal, defamatory or items of an adult nature to any RenSMART forum or service.
  • Directly contact members or attempt to bypass RenSMART in taking up quotes through the quote request service.
  • Hold RenSMART Limited responsible for any third party information linked to or presented by the RenSMART site and services.

Payment and Investor Terms

  • All amounts outstanding must be paid within 20 days of invoicing
  • Returns for investments greater than or equal to £1,000 will be made to the named contact via BACS or Cheque
  • Returns for investments less than £1,000 will only be made to PayPal accounts
  • Investments for less than £1,000 will only be accepted from PayPal or Google Checkout accounts
  • Where returns from investments are to be reinvested, these will be accumulated until end of quarter

Our financial calendar:

  • Our financial year runs from April to April
  • Our end of Quarter One is July 1st
  • Our end of Quarter Two: October 1st
  • Our end of Quarter Three: January 1st
  • Our end of Quarter Four: April 1st