Installation Guide
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How to Install the RenSMART Smart Metering Hardware

Your hardware package includes:

  • A Currentcost meter + Currentcost transmitter
  • An extra Currentcost transmitter
  • A SheevaPlug Data Logging Computer
  • A USB interface cable for connecting the Currentcost meter to the SheevaPlug computer
  • An ethernet cable to connect the SheevaPlug to your internet router

The diagram below shows the points in a typical solar pv installation where the Currentcost clamps should be placed.

  • The clamp that is permanently connected to the transmitter should be clamped around the live cable entering the total generation meter or the live cable leaving the inverter. This will measure the amount of energy your system generates.
  • The second clamp sensor should be clamped around the live cable from the inverter to the household supply and into the small socket on the bottom left of the Currentcost Transmitter. If clamping on the household supply is not possible, an alternative clamp point is at the point where the electricity supply enters the property from the grid. If this option is selected, the clamp sensor should be plugged into the small socket on the bottom right of the Currentcost Transmitter.


The Currentcost meter and the Sheeva Plug can be located in a different room to the transmitter. They require two power sockets and an internet router to operate.

Plug the interface cable into the USB port on the SheevaPlug and the small socket in the rear of the Currentcost meter. Plug in the Currentcost meter. It should now give a power reading.

Plug the ethernet cable into the SheevaPlug and a spare socket on your internet router. Plug in and switch on the SheevaPlug.

Open a web browser and sign in to RenSMART. Under your projects tab you will see a reference to your project with a status of Live. Clicking on the word Live will take you to the projects home page. The instructions on this page will take you through the rest of the process.