Heating Oil Cost Calculator
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This calculator is offered as a means of converting heating oil price per litre to price per kWh so that prices can be compared with that for other fuels such as gas, electricity or wood (using our Wood Fuel Cost Calcutator ).

Price Per Litre pence per litre
Number of Litres litres
Boiler Efficiency%
Total Cost£
Cost pence per kWh

  • Heating oil provides 138,500 British thermal units (BTU) per US gallon
  • 1 BTU = 0.000293 kWh
  • 1 US gallon = 3.78541178 litres
  • (138,500
    • 0.000293)kWh in 3.78541178 litres
    • 0.000293)/3.78541178 kWh/litre
  • = 10.720233982047786621512547837002
  • rounded to 10.720233 kWh/litre
Source: Wikipedia