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RenSMART - The Renewable Energy Information Source

RenSMART is a private company set up to promote actions to mitigate accelerated climate change due to human factors. RenSMART will help visitors to its web site by finding, analysing and supporting these activities and supplying traceable information to help decision makers implement these actions.

All information supplied by RenSMART will be provided with links or references allowing the information to be traced back to its original source. Wherever possible, this source will be as close to the primary source as possible. Often, where this information is on web sites that are prone to changes, the source documents will be stored by RenSMART in our document library.

RenSMART is funded by charging a small service fee for the use of some of its tools that make this information more convenient for those making a profit from installing, supplying or consulting while making use of our information.

RenSMART is also actively developing technology that supports our areas of interest which will then be made available for resale or production by third parties.

RenSMART has developed a renewable energy estimation model. The model references several publicly available and (highly regarded) renewable energy databases that give estimated renewable energy resources for locations covering the whole of the UK.

We combine this information with information on the energy you use, how you use it througout the day and year, and the type of renewable energy technology you are considering.

Our model has been developed in such a way that the accuracy of the estimate can be improved by including personalised information about your location but can also be used with average information taken from leading energy use profiles.

Once a renewable energy technology has been installed at a location, the model can then be used to compare generation with the original estimates and live weather data taken from a number of sources.

This information can be used to alert our members if their installation is not performing as expected and give reports on energy generated and how it was used.

RenSMART Limited was founded in 2008. It is a UK registered limited company.

Company Registration Number06843851
VAT Registration Number971484786
Company Registered AddressSuite 2,
Rutland House,
44 Masons Hill,

Nicholas Cross (Director)

Nicholas has over 15 years experience in the IT industry. Having started his career with IBM developing factory control and monitoring systems, he moved on to work on leading internet applications for the finance industry, retail and government as a freelance consultant and developer.

EMail: nikcross@rensmart.com

Rafe Staples (Director)

Rafe is a Chartered Surveyor and has been in private practice for more than 15 years. He is a Partner at Chartered Surveyors Powis Hughes & Associates based near Newbury and advises a number of specialist clients including Data Centre Operators, Co-Lo operators, The Crown Estate and several Government Agencies and Departments. Rafe is actively pursuing planning for a small wind turbine at his offices in the Berkshire Downs.

EMail: rafe.staples@rensmart.com