Solar PV Comparison Table
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This is a table of the commonly offered solar pv panels available in the UK. The table gives information taken from the products specification sheets as supplied by the product manufacturers. This table only lists technical information, not price comparisons.

A description of the table columns can be found at the bottom of this page.

You can change the sort order of the table by clicking on the column name.


  • Peak Output(Watts) The amount of electrical power delivered when 1000 Watts of solar power per metre squared fall on the panel at twenty-five degrees centegrade
  • Width (mm)
  • Height (mm)
  • Area (Metre Squared) The width multiplied by the height of the panels
  • Watts per metre squared The peak output divided by the calculated area
  • Efficiency % The maximum watts per metre squared delivered compared with the 1000 Watts per metre squared delivered under test conditions
  • Maximum System Voltage The maximum voltage the panels can be connected in series to produce
  • Peak Voltage The voltage measured over the solar panels contacts when delivering peak output with a load connected
  • Peak Current The current measured from the solar panels when delivering peak output
  • Technology The cell technology used in the panels